How to make a Vodka Martini?

Martini is the most famous vermouth producer. Everyone knows what Martini is, but few people know what a vermouth is. Chapeau Martini!
It’s fine to use a different brand of vermouth, just use Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka.

This Martini cocktail is originally from the United States and you made it with gin. Our version with vodka is also called Vodkatini.

In 1962, a movie came out with a well-known British secret agent ordering a Vodka Martini. Since then, the Vodka Martini has been the standard.

How to make a Vodka Martini?

Ingrediënten voor de Vodka Martini


  • Take a cocktail cup or a highball glass.
  • Add the ice cubes and pour over the Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka and the vermouth.
  • Stir until the cup or glass gets cold.
  • Pour it through a sieve into a Martini glass and garnish the Vodka Martini with the olives or lemon zest.

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