How to make a Kyiv Mule

We have changed the name of the well-known Mule for: Kyiv Mule. It is fresh, thirst-quenching and spicy. The cocktail was born around 1941 when an American beverage company bought the rights of Smirnoff. Vodka was not popular at all at that time (“Say whaaat?”) and therefore difficult to sell. The same liquor producer also had too much ginger beer which he could not sell. The idea came up to mix these two, garnish with a lime, some mint and you have a delicious cocktail.

Fun facts: mule is an old-fashioned term for a drink containing ginger or citrus mixed with spirits. The copper mug ensures that the drink stays cold longer and it strengthens the acid in the cocktail. This one is one of the easiest build-in-the-glass cocktail.

How to make a Kyiv Mule?


Laten we een Kiev Mule maken:

  • Fill your copper mug with crushed ice
  • Pour the vodka into the mug
  • Top off the mug with ginger beer
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint and lime slices

See how to make a Kyiv mule in this video: