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How to make a Vodka Grapefruit cocktail

vodka grapefruit

The summer vacation has officially started in The Netherlands and with temperature rising we are in some dire need of a fruity and bitter-sweet cocktail. Ingredients Icecubes2 ounces Amsterdam Republic Premium VodkaJuice of 1/2 a grapefruit7Up / Sprite (deepening on which part of the world you are in) Extra’s You can add some extra decoration […]

How to make a Vodka Watermelon Cocktail

vodka watermelon

Last few days, watermelon cocktails with vodka were a regular feature at Amsterdam Republic parties, so I’m giving you the recipe to kick off a delicious weekend! Ingredients 250 ml Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka4 teaspoons lime juice½ medium watermelon3 sprigs of fresh mintOptional: a few drops of Tabasco if you want to spice things up […]