The three crosses on the Amsterdam flag

If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam you probably have seen the iconic red/black flag with the three crosses on it. This is the flag of Amsterdam and it stands for something completely different then most of the (not so local) guide try to tell you.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia
Image courtesy of Wikipedia
The flag of Amsterdam is simple and based on the City of Amsterdam’s coat of arms. The Amsterdam coat of arms is a red shield with a black link and the three Saint Andrew’s Crosses, the Imperial Crown of Austria, two golden lions, and the motto of Amsterdam (Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig, meaning “Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate”).

Fire, floods and the Black Death

When you visit Amsterdam the guide try to give you the best time possible and what is better than a scary story? But even though most guides will tell you otherwise the three crosses do not stand for Fire, Floods and the Black Death (which all hit Amsterdam in medical times). The contrary, the three crosses were already being used before the Black Plague hit Europe.

Triple X stands for sex

Amsterdam is a city filled with adult entertainment. From the free prostitution to being able to ask a police officer to light your joint and that the police cannot search you.

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  1. Rockie overlunde zegt:

    Thank you for the correct interpritation of the significant meaning of the emblem of Amsterdam, this once great and holy city, which has been eclipsed since the 16 century by foreign forces if you know what I mean!. If we are to save Amsterdam,( the prophecies of the flooding of the Netherlands and Russia have the means with their tsunami boom called Poseidon) then the true meaning and purpose of the emblem should be brought to the knowledge of the people of the Netherlands, in combination with a national crusade of the recitation of the rosary, like what happened In Austria for the removal of the USSR from the occupation of Austria. Thanks again and God Bless

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