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Amsterdam vodka

A must have for everybody that feels a connection with Amsterdam and the people that live in it. This bottle is filled with real Amsterdam vodka that has not only been produced locally but is also supporting local companies and community. 

Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka is distilled in a local distillery in the heart of our city. The biological grain comes from local farmers and has been distilled four times, making it one of the softest vodka's you've ever tasted.

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Dutch Stroopwafel

Dutch Stroopwafel is a sweet, soft and tasteful mix with our Amsterdam vodka. Stroopwafels, or caramel waffles are a populair dutch snack that you can find almost everywhere in the country. 

Enjoy your Dutch Stroopwafel + Amsterdam vodka on the rocks, in your (morning) coffee or add it to one of your favorite cocktails.

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