Amsterdam vodka

Amsterdam Republic has grown from a small distillery in the garage to one of the most famous names in Amsterdam nightlife. Available shortly after launch at the largest liquor stores in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our entire product is locally made as much as possible, from the labels to the cap to the distilled vodka. Even our partners, big and small, are connected to our beloved city of Amsterdam.

What we toast to

In our own distillery in Amsterdam we make our own Amsterdam flavors. We even use Amsterdam’s famous tap water, purified multiple times for purity, to produce our mouthwatering flavors.

We have chosen a unique natural process for our production, which gives our drinks a complex yet subtle taste and aroma, followed by an exceptionally clean and smooth finish.

Happy accident

Our adventure started in 2003 when we parked our car against an ‘Amsterdammertje’ on the Gelderse quay. This gave us the idea of ​​our Amsterdam bottle. The iconic ‘Amsterdammertje’ has become an integral part of Amsterdam’s streets and is known all over the world.

Amsterdam Republic has since grown into a well-known name in the nightlife. Our drinks are available in cafes and in clubs such as Escape, Odeon and Hotel Arena. In addition, Amsterdam Republic is for sale at major liquor stores, local bars and abroad.