Our history

Amsterdam Republic has grown from a small brand to one of the best known names in Amsterdam nightlife and is available at the larger liquor stores.

Our adventure began in 2003 with an accident. We crashed our car into a typical Amsterdam pole on the Geldersekade in Amsterdam. This accident gave us an idea: bottles with great flavours in the shape of the iconic Amsterdam pole.

We then went in search of a suitable glass manufacturer. That wasn’t easy, because the glass had to be completely transparent and pure. “If there is just a hint of green in it, the contents immediately resemble canal water.” After a long search, we found a manufacturer who also makes perfume bottles for Dior and Chanel.

Our vodka had to be our own recipe, perfectly composed and also made in Amsterdam. In the end, we found a great distilling partner who shared our vision. Together, we created a perfect blend and perfected our distillation process.

We did not sit still and started making liquorettes as well as spirits. With immensely delicious flavours, we have a drink for everyone.

In our first year, we sold three thousand litres, which increased to 45,000 litres in 2008 and we have been growing every year since.