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How to make a Vodka Grapefruit cocktail

vodka grapefruit

The summer vacation has officially started in The Netherlands and with temperature rising we are in some dire need of a fruity and bitter-sweet cocktail. Ingredients Icecubes2 ounces Amsterdam Republic Premium VodkaJuice of 1/2 a grapefruit7Up / Sprite (deepening on which part of the world you are in) Extra’s You can add some extra decoration […]

How to make a Vodka Watermelon Cocktail

vodka watermelon

Last few days, watermelon cocktails with vodka were a regular feature at Amsterdam Republic parties, so I’m giving you the recipe to kick off a delicious weekend! Ingredients 250 ml Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka4 teaspoons lime juice½ medium watermelon3 sprigs of fresh mintOptional: a few drops of Tabasco if you want to spice things up […]

Tanks and snipers in Amsterdam: 40 years after the squatters’ riots

Image courtesy The tanks rolled through the streets of Amsterdam and dozens of people were injured but, surprisingly, no one was killed. Today, exactly forty years ago, Amsterdam was the scene of the biggest battle between squatters and police that the city would ever see. A squatted building near Vondelpark became the scene of […]

Top 10 fun things to do in Amsterdam in March

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is known for its stunning architecture, artistic heritage, picturesque canal network, and exhaustive museums. But there is much so much more to the city that its legacies from the Golden Age. It has an effervescent nightlife, craft beers, vivifying vodka, and marijuana-smelling streets. Forget the beaten tourist path and […]