How to make a Blue Hawaiian

Aloha! Turn up your heater, put on your Hawaiian shirt! Imagine yourself in Honolulu with our Blue Hawaiian cocktail. A deliciously fruity vodka cocktail that is quite easy to make. When the two colors mix in the glass you get a beautiful color gradient that is guaranteed to impress. The combination of various tropical fruit flavors makes it an exotic drink.

How to make a Blue Hawaiian

Ingredients for a Blue Hawaiian

Laten we de Blue Hawaiian cocktail maken

  • Fill your long drink glass with ice.
  • Pour the Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka, the blue curaçao and the coconut syrup into the glass.
  • Carefully pour the pineapple juice over it.
  • Garnish the glass with a cocktail cherry and optionally a pineapple wedge

Watch in this video how to make a blue Hawaiian

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