How to make a Caipiroska?

The Caipiroska, the Eastern European version of the Brazilian Caipirinha. A Caipirinha is not made with vodka but with Cachaça, and since we don’t have this in our assortment, we make the cocktail with, yes, Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka! So it’s a Caipiroska.

This cocktail is quite strong. It has a vodka volume of 60 ml. But the ingredients also include sugar and lime, which makes the the cocktail a bit sweet and fruity. Do not imagine yourself in Brazil, but a hot Polish summer comes pretty close when you sip your glass.

How to make a Caipiroska?

ingredients for the caipiroska

  • 60 ml Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka

  • 1/2 Lime parts (cut out the white inner part, this makes it a bit bitter)

  • 2 scoops white sugar

  • Ice cubes or crushed ice

  • 2 Lime slices

Let’s make the Caipiroska

  • Take a tumbler glass and put in the lime parts.
  • Add the sugar and, use the muddler, crush the lime segments so the juice comes out.
  • Add the ice and pour the vodka over this.
  • For garnish, add the lime slices.

Watch in this video how to make the Caipiroska

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