How to make a Marshmallow cocktail

Sitting in the middle of the woods with your friends around a campfire with a guy holding a guitar? We have the ideal marshmallow cocktail for this moment that you can enjoy (even without a campfire). Note, a fire is better for the atmosphere.

Americans love it, marshmallows. We Europeans steal sometimes some culture we can use. The combination of shortbread, marshmallow and vodka is a real treat. This is a marshmallow cocktail straight from Amsterdam, crazy.

How to make a Marshmallow cocktail


Let’s make the marshmallow cocktail

  • Pour some chocolate syrup on a plate and dip the glass in it.Now the glass is sticky from the syrup dip it in the cookie crumbs
  • Fill the shaker with Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka, whiskey cream, the whipped cream, vanilla extract and whole milk and shake it for a few moments
  • Pour the Marshmallow cocktail through a strainer into the Martini glass
  • Garnish with roasted marshmallows. You can do this with any gas or wood fire

Watch in this video how to make the Marchmallow cocktail