How to make a Vodka Margarita aka Vodkarita?

The classic Margarita comes from Mexico and is therefore made with tequila. Since we are a vodka brand we replace the tequila with our Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka. Et voilà we have a Vodka Margarita. You can also call it the Vodkarita.

Replacing the tequila makes the taste better. With vodka, the cocktail keeps the sweet and sour flavors. It softens because the sharp aftertaste of the tequila is not present. The Vodkarita is therefore even more dangerous than the classic because you drink it like lemonade. You add the salt and lemon right into your cocktail. We like the Vodka Margarita better than the Margarita, but maybe we are a bit biased. Which do you like better?

How to make a Vodka Margarita aka Vodkarita?



  • Start by decorating the glass. Fill one bowl with the sugar syrup and another with sea salt. Take your Margarita glass. First dip it in the sugar syrup and second in the sea salt.
  • Take the cocktail shaker and fill it with ice
  • Pour the Amsterdam Republic Vodka, triple sec, lime juice and sugar syrup into the shaker, shake it and pour it into the glass.
  • Garnish your Vodka Margarita with a lime wedge.

Watch in this video how to make the Vodka margarita