How to make a French 76?

What goes with New Year’s Eve? Right, champagne and vodka of course. This is the perfect occasion to combine those two for a very festive cocktail, the French 76.

The French 76 is a sparkling sweet cocktail that everyone loves. The cocktail is simple, stylish and tasteful and it’s super easy to make. You can use a flûte glass, but we have chosen coupe champagne glasses for some extra festiveness.

This is how to make a French 76

The French 76 is a twist on the classic French 75. What’s the difference? You make the classic with Gin and the 76 is made with vodka. Like most cocktails, the origin is a mystery. What we do know is that the first recipe was found in 1927 in the book ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’ by famous bartender Harry Craddocks. Does this mean it wasn’t served before? No, it was probably served many times before it was printed in the book.


Let’s make French 76

  • Fill your cocktail shaker with the ice cubes, Amsterdam Republic Premium Vodka, lemon juice and the sugar syrup and shake it.
  • Pour into coupe glass until 1/3rd is filled and top off with champagne.
  • Don’t forget to decorate your French 76 with a lemon peel or a cocktail cherry.

Watch in this video how to make a French 76


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