How to make a Vodka Gimlet Cocktail

The Vodka Gimlet cocktail dates all the way back to the 18th century to keep sailors from getting scurvy. And because real man don’t need vitamins they added vodka to the drink to be ‘easier on the tongue’ – oh man I love the good old times.

In contrary to the other cocktails you can find on our website this cocktail starts with ice-cold vodka straight from the freezer. While the classic gimlet presentation is straight-up in a cocktail glass, you can also serve it on the rocks or straight up in a rocks glass.

How to make a Vodka Gimlet Cocktail



  • First we fill a cocktail shaker with ice, we add the vodka – lime and syrup
  • Make sure to shake the cocktail shaker for at least 20 seconds to get the drink cooled down.
  • Strain into rocks glass filled with ice and add desired garnish.

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